Lactation and Breastfeeding Resources


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 Employee Resources

pdfBenefits of Breastfeeding pdfEspañol   

pdfMC Guide to Breastfeeding Support_Services  pdfEspañol

pdfMC Supports Breastfeeding Breakroom Poster 

pdfLactation in the Workplace Policy Statement

pdfDME Vendors Who Provide Breast Pumps

pdfMC School Lactation Accommodation Contact List




 Tools to Help Build a Policy:                        How to Support Breastfeeding Employees:                    

pdfSupporting Breastfeeding Employees                 pdf Easy Steps to Supporting Breastfeeding Employees                     

pdfLactation Assesment Form


 Break Time for Nursing Mothers:

 pdfWage and Hour Division




    Breastfeeding Advocacy  Organizations         

      Breastfeeding Helplines

   U.S. & California Breastfeeding Websites

    Medications During Pregnancy & Lactation


      National Breastfeeding Month

       Personal  Leave in California




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