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Published on . Last modified on March 14, 2016

Monterey County Health Department Tobacco Control Program

Tobacco Control Program: The overall goal of the Tobacco Control Program of the Monterey County Health Department is to reduce tobacco use and influence social norms towards a tobacco-free Monterey County by partnering with local youth groups, voluntary health organizations, and non-profit agencies. The Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Monterey County, Monterey County Traffic Safety Coalition and Sunrise House Prevention recently merged to create Monterey County Collaborates.

Monterey County Collaborates envisions a Monterey County where youth are safe and become leaders that facilitate healthy choices.


  • Over 842 apartment units are covered by a voluntary smoke free policy.
  • County of Monterey and the City of Carmel adopted Tobacco Retail License Ordinances to reduce youth access to tobacco.
  • Banned smoking along Rec Trail and Wharf in Monterey
  • Banned smoking along Rec Trail in Pacific Grove
  • Banned smoking in Carmel Parks and Beach and Forest Theatre.

 Contact Information:

Gonzalo Coronado, MBA
831-796-1268 (phone)
831-757-9586 (fax)
Tobacco Retail Licensing:
Emerging Products:

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