Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Published on . Last modified on December 27, 2016

Cuidate California PREP

CAPREP is comprehensive sex education program.  We utilize two curriculums, “Be Proud Be Responsible” & “Cuídate”, which are evidence based programs for youth ages 12-18 (middle school and High School youth). CAPREP is funded by State of CA Dept. of Public Health Maternal, Child Adolescent Health.


POSTPONE LOGO 2014A peer education program offered at two high schools in Salinas; Everett Alvarez High, and Alisal High School. This program is open to all high school students enrolled at the high schools. Postpone is funded by Community Foundation of Monterey County, Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands. The goal is to improve the health of girls living in Salinas by focusing on health education, leadership and advocacy. Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands is a program in collaboration with various other agencies in Monterey County focused around leadership development and improving the health of girls in Monterey County.GHGH_500pixels_web (2)

Contact Information:

Emiko Torres: 831-755-4649 or

Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands – Evarosea Holt-Rusmore: 831-755-4695 or