Recycling Resource and Recovery Services

Published on . Last modified on March 20, 2017
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Community Recycling Events for Bradley, Pajaro, & Aromas Communities. For more information, click Here!

To preserve the environment, protect public health and safety and to reduce the amount of solid waste that goes to the local landfills by:

  • Implementing programs that remove barriers to waste reduction and promote proper disposal of waste;
  • Supporting and/or developing policies to increase diversion, minimize litter, and increase producer responsibility;
  • Educating the community on best practices to increase participation in waste diversion programs; and
  • Collaborating with the Monterey County community to maximize the use of resources and standardize practices.

Monterey County Recycling Services (MCRS) is comprised of a team who manage a well-rounded set of programs that support Monterey County residents, businesses and visitors’ efforts to divert waste from landfills to preserve Monterey County’s unique, beautiful ecosystem from the beaches bordering the Monterey Bay Sanctuary to the abundant agricultural fields across the Salinas Valley from the harmful impacts of improper disposal of waste.

 These Programs include:

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