Prop 65 Reports

Published on . Last modified on August 10, 2016

California State Hazardous Materials Spill Reports and Monterey County Emergency Response Incident Reports dated prior to those listed here are available by request  from Environmental Health staff at (831) 755-4505, or by asking any Environmental Health employee in the Salinas, Monterey or King City offices.

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November 2016
11/08/16 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey 16-173
11/09/16Hermann Dr, Monterey16-204
11/10/16Pearl at Figuroa, Monterey16-206
11/13/16Harkins Rd, Salinas16-205
11/15/16Dolan Road, Moss Landing169-209
11/15/16Garin, Royal Oaks16-207
11/17/16Webster St, Monterey16-208
December 2016
12/01/16 Abbott St, Salinas 16-008
12/02/16Del Monte Center, Monterey16-210
12/05/16Moro Road, Prunedale16-211
12/07/16Monterey Harbor, Monterey16-212
12/11/16Monterey Harbor, Monterey16-213
12/14/16Monterey Harbor, Monterey16-214
12/16/16Monterey Harbor, Monterey16-215
12/28/16Gigling Rd, Seaside16-216
April 2016
16/08/16 Apple Ave @ Hutchinson Dr. 16-174
16/08/16Apple Ave @ Hutchinson Dr. 16-714
August 2016
20/07/16 Moss Landing Harbor 16-165
October 2016
22/07/16 Palmero Way, Pebble Beach 16-171
November 2016
23/07/16 Basquez Ave Moran St Saint Christopher La, Greenfield 16-167
January 2016
25/07/16 1.5 Miles off Point Gorda, Monterey 16-168
May 2016
29/07/16 W Monroe Oil Field, Greenfield 16-170
January 2017
01/06/17Moss Landing State Beach17-001
01/11/17Monterey Salinas Hwy, Monterey17-004
01/24/17Front St, Soledad17-005
February 2017
02/01/17Hwy 101, Aromas17-006
02/06/17Del Monte Ave, Monterey17-008
02/06/17Lazarro Dr, Carmel17-007
02/11/17Prunedale North, Salinas17-009
02/13/17Pacific and Madison, Monterey17-010
02/13/17Trafton Rd, Pajaro07-016
02/14/17Tioga, Sand City17-011
02/16/17Cosky Dr, Marina17-012
02/17/17Brutus and Bolivar ST, Salinas17-013
02/18/17Moss Landing Harbor, Moss Landing17-014
02/18/17N Main, Salinas17-013
02/19/17Jessie St, Monterey17-015
02/20/17Ocean View and Fountain, Pacific Grove17-017
02/21/17Rt 1, Carmel17-019
02/21/17South Bound 101, North of Old Stage Rd07-018
02/22/17Reservation Road, Marina17-021
02/22/17South of Greenfield Spray Field Pond Area17-020
02/23/17Hatton Creek, Carmel17-022
02/28/17Coral St, Pacific Grove17-023
March 2017
03/02/17Monterey St, Soledad17-025
03/02/17lighthouse ave at Breakwater Cove17-024
03/14/17Alta St, Gonzales17-026
03/14/17Christopher Ln, Greenfield17-027
03/14/17St Christopher Ln, Greenfield17-027
03/24/17Del Monte Ave, Salinas17-028