Flood Information

Published on . Last modified on March 7, 2017

Updated flood information

If you have recently experienced flooding in your home or business, these documents or pages may be of help to you:

**Updated Page: After a Flood

CA Dept of Health Services – Guidelines for Food Safety During Temporary …

CA Dept of Health Services – Mold in my home – What to do

Monterey County Health Dept. – A citizen’s guide to disease prevention in…

EPA – Flood Cleanup Avoiding indoor air quality problems



Start by checking the Monterey County Animal Services homepage at for lost pets or call them at directly (831) 769-8850. Just want to leave a message? Call the dispatch line at (831) 769-8856. You may also contact your local SPCA at for any pets that have been turned in or call them directly at (831) 373-2631.

Where to Get Sand, Empty or Pre-Filled Sandbags:

For those needing sandbags during this weather event, please use the following information to get the resources needed to protect your property.

Those needing ready-to-go sandbags or empty sandbags to fill, those can be found at local fire stations. Here is a link to a list of these stations. Residents and businesses can also check with their nearest fire station as to availability.

Sand pile locations are maintained and replenished by County Public Works.  These locations do not have empty sandbags, only sand. Here are those locations: