Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

Published on . Last modified on February 27, 2017

Properly sited, designed, constructed, and maintained OWTS can provide an efficient and economical wastewater treatment alternative to public sewer systems.

OWTS owners need information on how septic systems work, how to maintain them, and precautions to take to decrease the potential for the septic system to contaminate groundwater or surface water. Operation and maintenance of the system are the owner’s responsibility. Both the septic tank and the disposal field (also known as a leach field or drain field) must be properly maintained to protect human health and the environment. A properly maintained system should work correctly for many years. The effectiveness of a septic system depends on how you use and operate the system.  Managing a household septic system requires that you control the volume and quality of the wastewater and maintain the septic tank and disposal field. This fact sheet provides operation and maintenance tips for managing your septic system.  

EHRS maintains a list of California State Licensed Contractors that install septic systems in Monterey County and have requested to be published on our list. Hyperlink to the Licensed contractors form.

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