Ambulance Billing And Service Concerns

Published on . Last modified on December 15, 2014

3d-ambulance-1013tm-pic-1Do you have an issue with your ambulance bill? Do you want to report a problem with the medical care your received from our ambulance service providers? Perhaps you want to file a compliment about the service you received. The new ambulance billing and medical claim for is for you!

Monterey Code of Ordinances Chapter 15.40.030 (H) Ambulance User Complaints states that any user of emergency ambulance services who contends that he or she has been required to pay an excessive charge for service or that he or she has received inadequate services may file a written complaint with the EMS Agency. The EMS Agency shall notify the emergency ambulance operator or provider of such complaint, and shall investigate the matter.

For further information on American Medical Response procedures, please click here.

Please click here to submit your complaint or concern to the EMS Agency (EMS Concern Form).

Fee Forgiveness Program

The Fee Forgiveness Program is an AMR program designed to reduce the cost of ambulance services to patients who are unable to pay their bill and may be eligible for assistance. 

Fee Forgiveness is available to qualified patients with outstanding balances. Discounts are available as part of a payment plan.

Fee Forgiveness Brochure