Alcohol & Other Drug Services

Published on . Last modified on November 1, 2016

Target Population

All Residents of Monterey County

Alcohol and Drug Strategic Implementation Plan

Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System County of Monterey Implementation Plan


Administers and coordinates a comprehensive range of alcohol and other drug services through contracts with community-based organizations. These services provide a continuum of services which include:

  • Prevention:
    • Friday Night Live
    • Club Live
    • Preventing Alcohol Related Trauma in Salinas (P.A.R.T.S.)
  • Intervention:
    • Drinking Driver Problems
    • Drug Diversion
    • Options for Recovery
  • Drug Court: Offenders charged with simple possession or under the influence of a controlled substance are eligible to participate in drug court if they have failed to complete, or are ineligible for, a court-ordered diversion program for first offenders and have no drug, violent, or felony convictions.
  • Drug Treatment: To assist individuals and families with drug-related problems by providing individual and group counseling, drug education, and recovery support services in an outpatient drug free setting or in a residential treatment program.
  • Narcotic Replacement Therapy: Detox and maintenance programs to reduce the use of narcotics and the risk of HIV infection through intravenous drug use.


Salinas, Seaside, Monterey and King City