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Leave of Absence Processing

Leave of Absence Processing

Leaves of Absence

In the event an employee is in need of a Leave of Absence from their job for a period of time, information provided here will assist both the employee and supervisor to complete the process requesting approval in an accurate and timely manner.

Reasons for requesting a leave of absence include health/medical, maternity/parental, military, educational, workers’ compensation, or personal. Each situation is unique based on the reason for the leave request, amount of sick leave/vacation available, insurance status, potential cost to the employee for benefits, and the needs of the Department.

Information provided here will guide the employee and supervisor regarding how to apply for the leave and the paperwork involved. The Benefit Coordinator will work with the supervisor and employee to receive complete paperwork and once approval is received to process the leave paperwork, coordinate benefits, and appropriate use of accrued sick leave and vacation.

Leave of Absence Process

In an attempt to “demystify” and simplify the leave of absence process, we are providing a brief outline to help you know how to proceed in the event you are faced with the prospect of needing to request a leave or to process a requested leave.

Employee Process

Once it has been determined that a Leave of Absence is necessary, you need to meet with your supervisor to provide the following information: type of leave requested, expected length of time on leave, and documentation (i.e., doctor’s note for health/medical leave).

An “Employee Request for Leave of Absence” form needs to be completed and submitted to your supervisor for approval; this can be completed when you meet with your supervisor.

After the supervisor/manager approves the Request for Leave of Absence form, you should make an appointment to meet with the Benefit Coordinator (see Assigned Staff below) to complete the remainder of the paperwork (make sure to bring approved request form and original doctor’s note with expected date of return, if health/medical leave).

If you are no longer able to work, please call Human Resources after talking with your supervisor, and the paperwork will be completed by HR and your supervisor.

Please keep your supervisor and HR informed of any changes to your status (i.e., extension of your return date). Any time your leave needs to be extended, request approval from your supervisor and HR, AND you will need to provide HR and your supervisor with the original doctor’s note extending the return date, if you are on a health/medical leave.

Supervisor/Manager Process

When an employee informs you of their need for a leave of absence, you need to gather the following information: type of leave requested, expected length of time on leave, and documentation (i.e., doctor’s note for health/medical leave).

If the employee has not completed the “Employee Request for Leave of Absence” at this point, you need to complete the form with the employee.

If the employee is still working, give the request form to the employee after completion of the approval process. If the request was approved, have the employee meet with HR as soon as possible to complete the appropriate paperwork. If the leave was denied,, inform the employee as soon as possible.

It is your responsibility to monitor the employee’s leave, especially when it comes to the return date or an extension of the leave AND to let HR know of any changes.

If an employee informs you that their health/medical leave has been extended by the doctor, you need to contact the employee to ensure a medical certification is provided to you and the Benefit Coordinator in HR.

When the employee returns to work, please notify the Benefit Coordinator as soon as possible.

(Information listed above is intended to provide a general summary of the Leave of Absence process; each situation is unique and employees, managers, and supervisors should work with Human Resources to ensure accurate and timely processing.)



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