Public Health Preparedness

Published on . Last modified on October 5, 2015

preparing together 3The Monterey County Office of Public Health  Preparedness is engaging in collaborative, community focused emergency health planning to address biological, chemical, radiological, or natural disaster events that result in public health threats or emergencies.

Monterey County Health Department has:

  • Effective plans and resources to work with during emergencies to protect the community.
  • Developed and maintain public health emergency capacity.
  • Coordinated with community, county, state, and federal partners to develop a plan to provide mass prophylaxis and treatment to people in the county.
  • Developed the capacity to rapidly identify diseases and initiate prevention and control activities.
  • Developed effective, secure communication infrastructure for rapid communication among public health and its partners.
  • Developed the capacity to effectively communicate health/risk information to the public and key partners.
  • Developed a public health workforce.
  • Prepared the community for an emergency.

Be Prepared
Even a small amount of preparation before an emergency can make a huge difference and can save lives. That is why the Monterey County Health Department’s Public Health Preparedness Program is doing its part. We are creating plans, practicing them, and conducting training to better protect the residents of Monterey County.

Preparedness Minutes

California Health Alert Network Information