Management of Solid Waste During Temporary Service Disruptions

Written by Karen Smith on . Posted in Front Page, News

Per Monterey County Code, solid waste is required to be collected once every week (MCC 10.41.030).  In the event this service is disrupted, or if your neighborhood becomes isolated due to road closures, landslide, or any event that prohibits the routine collection of solid waste and recyclables, it will be necessary for you to manage these materials onsite until services can be safely restored and the waste collected.

Here is what you can do:

  1.  To minimize odor and keep solid waste dry:

              a) minimize putrescible (something that is likely to decompose) waste

              b) double bag waste

               c) fill bags half-way and close bags tight

  1. Reduce volume of solid waste by separating recyclable materials.
  1. Maintain solid waste in closed containers and keep containers dry.
  1. Have on hand sanitary supplies- bleach, gloves, hand sanitizers- in case cleaning is needed for spills.

Management of Water Storage

Please take extra measures to conserve water until further notice due to potential power outages throughout the area and limited repair options, both which can affect well pumping sites.  

Increased water conservation is requested to avoid depletion of stored water.  Limit water use to essential needs such as drinking, cooking, bathing and toilet flushing.  Please continue to use water wisely until further notice.  If water is in limited supply, conservation measures that can be taken to help make the limited supply last can be found at (although developed for a drought, the same conservation practices are beneficial):

If a water system loses pressure, a boil water order is required until pressure is restored and a sample can be taken to show the water system is free of coliform bacteria. Information on how to access and repair a system damaged by a flood or storm can be found on the following website: