Published on . Last modified on October 25, 2016
 1270 Natividad Rd.
Salinas, CA 93906

Phone:  (831) 755-4516
Fax:  (831) 755-4652

Hours:  8AM – 5PM, Mon – Fri
Open Noon – 1PM

Public Health Lab

The Monterey County Health Department Laboratory is certified as a public health laboratory by the State Department of Public Health’s Laboratory Field Services. The Health Department Laboratory is also certified as a clinical laboratory under the federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988. These certifications ensure the quality of analytical data used for patient management. Click here for more information about the Public Health Lab  

Current laboratory fees are available here: 

Environmental Health Lab

The Consolidated Environmental Laboratory is a partnership between the Health Department and the Water Resources Agency. It is certified by the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program of the California Department of Public Health. The consolidated laboratory conducts tests on samples derived from the environment for the purpose of assuring safe food, drinking water, reclaimed water, storm water run-off, and irrigation water.

Click here for more information and fee schedules for the Environmental Health Lab