Published on . Last modified on May 25, 2016

Manager Standing While Her Staff Are WorkingWelcome to Monterey County Health Department Human Resources!

Who we are

In support of the Health Department’s mission and Strategic Plan initiatives, we partner with County and department leaders in meeting the goals and fulfilling the mandates of our organization and maximizing the potential of our greatest asset – our PEOPLE.

What we do:

We provide services in a wide range of areas, such as Recruitment, Classification and Compensation, Employee Relations, Benefits, Worker’s Compensation, Safety, Leaves, Policy, Performance Management, Personnel Records Management, Medical Accommodations, Training and Organizational Development. The common denominator in all we do is PEOPLE.

Why we do it

Nowhere else in an organization do we have the global opportunity to help our organization achieve their strategic goals and objectives AND impact the lives of our employees in significant and meaningful ways each and every day. That is why we, as HR professionals, love HR!

Contact us: 831-755-4519