Results of annual County Health Rankings

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The County Health Rankings remind us that where people live plays a key role in how long and how well they live. 

Monterey County  ranks 22nd in health outcomes among California counties, according to the eighth annual County Health Rankings, released today by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute (UWPHI). The Rankings are available at

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day – March 24th

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Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease passed through the air that usually attacks the lungs but can attack any part of the body including the kidney, spine, and brain.  Most Americans think TB is a disease of the past.  While the number of cases among California residents declined by 3% in 2016 (from 2,131 in 2015 to 2,073 in 2016), the number of individuals with active TB disease in Monterey County increased from 16 cases in 2015 to 20 in 2016.  This represents a 25% increase in the number of individuals diagnosed with active TB disease in Monterey County.

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions

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Are you living with an ongoing health condition? 

Join a FREE 2 ½-hour Workshop, held each week for six weeks.  

You’ll get the support you need, find practical ways to deal with pain and fatigue, discover better nutrition and exercise choices, understand new treatment choices, and learn better ways to talk with your doctor and family about your health.

If you have conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression the Workshop can help you take charge of your life.

Learn from Monterey County Health Department Nurses.

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Spring Break Travelers Reminded to Protect Themselves against Zika

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CDC Considers Travel to Mexico, Latin America a Potential Risk for Infection

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) advises spring break travelers vacationing in warmer climates to protect themselves from mosquito bites and avoid unprotected sex in areas with known transmission of the Zika virus.

“Spring break is the perfect time to have fun in the sun, but it is important that people take precautions to prevent Zika,” said CDPH Director and State Health Officer Dr. Karen Smith. “Unfortunately, the mosquitoes that spread Zika enjoy warm weather too.”

Preparedness Minute: Spring Cleaning

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Spring is here.  The weather has warmed up, the flowers are in bloom and of course it is time when our thoughts turn to spring cleaning.

For many people this means using cleaning supplies that may be   potentially hazardous, especially if not used correctly.   Some may find this a good time for cleaning out the garage where possibly dangerous chemicals may be lurking. 

 Accidental Poisoning Can Be Avoided

New Survey Reveals Monterey County Kids Still Bombarded with Tobacco and Alcohol Ads

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Just released findings from statewide survey shows disparity in availability of healthy and unhealthy products

New research shows that in Monterey County, 79% of stores near schools have unhealthy store front ads.  Healthy ads on all stores declined from 14% in 2013 to 4% in the most recent survey. These findings are part of new research released today on the availability and marketing of tobacco products, alcohol, condoms and healthy and unhealthy food options in California stores that sell tobacco.   (Monterey County Data Summary and Comparisons)

In the “salad bowl of the world”, only 28% of stores have fresh fruits and vegetables.  This is down significantly from 2013 when 46% of stores offered fresh fruits and vegetables.

Throughout California, health advocates held 13 press events to release results of the scientific survey, which is the largest its kind. It builds upon an initial research released three years ago in March 2014 and provides insights into changes in the availability and marketing of the studied products during this time.  Information was collected in the summer of 2016 from more than 7,100 stores in all 58 California counties including pharmacies, supermarkets, delis, convenience and liquor stores as well as tobacco-only stores. 

17th Annual South County Environmental Compliance Workshop

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The Monterey County Health Department, Environmental Health Bureau, in conjunction with the Growers Shippers Association, is presenting the 17th Annual South County Environmental Compliance Workshop “Monterey County Hazardous Materials Management Service Update”.  The workshop is free to all businesses, government agencies, and members of the public, and will focus on current environmental issues such as large and small quantity hazardous waste generator regulation, aboveground storage of petroleum, upcoming medical cannabis issues, agricultural field toilets, waste tire management, PG&E winter storm efforts, drought / flooding status update and a lively CERS discussion. Free refreshments will be served to all attendees.