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Public Health Bureau

Public Health includes the County Health Officer, Public Health Laboratory, Public Health Preparedness, Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit, Communicable Diseases Unit, Tuberculosis Control Unit, Immunizations Program, Public Health Regional Health Teams, Health Promotion Services, and Nutrition Services.

The Public Health Bureau monitors events and employs control strategies to help prevent future occurrence; plays a significant role in preparedness; registers birth and death certificates; provides laboratory analyses; and implements programs that inform, educate and empower individuals and communities to take responsibility for their own health in an effort to reduce health disparities.

  •  International Travelers at Risk for Measles

    International Travelers at Risk for Measles

    Wednesday, 09 April 2014

    As the spring travel season begins, health officials urge all international travelers and individuals receiving international guests locally to take precautions to prevent the spread of measles.

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