2011-2015 Strategic Plan Initiatives

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Strategic Plan Accomplishments 2015 Report

Strategic Plan Accomplishments Report 2014

Initiativestrat plan cover 1: Empower the community to improve health through programs, policies, and activities.

In 5 years, Monterey County Health Department will increase opportunities for community participation in public health dialogues.

Objective 1: Promote a health focus in public policy and planning.

Objective 2: Develop and support a network of volunteers and peers that advocate for and support community health-oriented solutions.

Initiative 2: Enhance community health and safety by emphasizing prevention.

In 5 years, Monterey County Health Department will strengthen the community’s ability to respond to safety issues.

Objective 1: Increase opportunities for community-led primary prevention safety efforts through family and youth engagement.

Objective 2: Support social networks working to address and respond to public health and safety risks.

Objective 3: Engage community organizations, businesses and other governmental agencies in assessing and preventing violence reducing injuries in the community.

Initiative 3: Ensure access to culturally and linguistically appropriate, customer friendly services.

In 5 years, Monterey County Health Department will ensure access to health care through culturally and linguistically appropriate customer service and by aligning public health, primary care, behavioral health, and communitystrategic plan cover - Spanish resources with health care reforms.

Objective 1: Maximize prevention and wellness opportunities as funded by health care reform.

Objective 2: Support integrated primary care, including clinical preventive services.

Objective 3: Incorporate bridges linking clinical and community-based prevention activities.

Objective 4: Ensure access to appropriate health care resources, especially specialty care and ancillary (such as diagnostic and therapeutic) services, regardless of a person’s ability to pay.


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Strategic Plan Accomplishments Report 2014

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