Health Department Bureaus

Published on . Last modified on December 19, 2016

The Monterey County Health Department has roots in prior centuries, but its modern history began in the 1920s with its establishment as a separate County department. Today the department serves over 415,000 Monterey County residents with a broad range of health care and promotion services through its nearly 1,000 employees organized in 7 Bureaus:

Administration Bureau

Elsa Jimenez, Director of Health
Ezequiel Vega-Rios, Assistant Director of Health
Provides Budget and Finance, Human Resources, Planning/Evaluation/Policy, Information Technology, and Facilities functions in addition to oversight of the six other Bureaus.

Behavioral Health Bureau

Amie Miller, Bureau Chief 

Links County residents who have mental health and addictive disorders to a continuum of behavioral health interventions such as inpatient hospitalization, crisis interventions, recovery programs, prevention services, supportive housing, wellness centers, and outpatient services

Clinic Services Bureau

Julie Edgcomb, Bureau Chief

Operates seven FQHC look-alike clinics providing comprehensive primary medical care, health promotion education and disease prevention services regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency

Mike Petrie, EMS Agency Director

Works with partners to provide medical care to pre-hospital emergency patients by maintaining an EMS system, paramedic/ambulance franchise, EMS training programs, and preparing disaster plans. This division plans, coordinates and evaluates emergency medical services to ensure that emergency medical care is available and consistent at the emergency scene, during transport and in the emergency room.

Environmental Health Bureau

John Ramirez, Bureau Chief
Ric Encarnacion, Assistant Director of Environmental Health

Educates the public and enforces federal, state and local statutes covering consumer health, drinking water, environmental health reviews, hazardous materials, recycling and resources recovery, and solid waste management. This Bureau also oversees the Animal Services Program which includes education, protection, licensing, adoption, and spay/neuter services.

Public Health Bureau

Edward Moreno, MD, Health Officer and Bureau Chief
Dyan Apostolos, Assistant Bureau Chief

Includes Children’s Medical Services; Communicable Disease Prevention and Control; Public Health Laboratory; Women’s, Infants, and Children’s Program; Nutrition Services; and Regional Health Teams which conduct Case Management and Home Visits related to health needs. Programs in the Bureau cover several essential public health services, including surveillance, disaster preparedness, diagnosing and addressing health problems, outreach and education, and mobilizing community partnerships to identify and solve health problems.

Public Administration/Public Guardian

Teri Scarlett, Operations Manager

Controls and safeguards all property subject to loss, injury, waste, or misappropriation of Monterey County residents who died without leaving a will or apparent heirs, and also acts as a Representative Payee for Monterey County Residents who are incapable of managing their public entitlement benefits on their own behalf