• Staffordshire terrier and catHome for the Holidays

    Bring a furever friend home for the holidays.

    Monterey County Animal Services is holding a Home for the Holidays pet adoption special which will run through December 31. The goal of the holiday adoption promotion is to increase adoptions and to ultimately find new homes for homeless animals.

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  • group of people with snowman CDCHealthy Holidays!

    Brighten the holidays by making your health and safety a priority. Take steps to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy—and ready to enjoy the holidays.

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  • car-in-forest_M1Nw_Uuu  GSTraveling by car this holiday season?  

    You can avoid many dangerous weather problems by planning ahead.  Plan long trips carefully, listening to the radio or television for the latest weather forecasts and road conditions. If bad weather is forecast, drive only if absolutely necessary.

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Beach Rain Advisory – All Monterey County Beaches

 3:12pm 12/11/2014 All Monterey County Beaches have been posted with a rain advisory.  The public is advised not to have ocean water contact for three (3) days after the last rain event. It is recommended that you do not swim in or have contact with storm drain water.  Bacteria, viruses,... Read more →

preparing together 3

Preparedness Minute: Preparing for Flooding

 Even if you are not in the area affected by this year’s wildfires, it is still important to know about planning for flooding. This summer’s fires have removed much of the vegetation that acts as a natural rainfall sponge allowing rainfall to run off much more rapidly.  In addition, the... Read more →

MC color logo 2.125 inch CLIPPED -no space copy

Natividad Medical Center on course to be designated Trauma Center

Final Trauma Site Survey completed Natividad Medical Center (NMC) has passed the final hurdle toward becoming the designated Level 2 Trauma Center for Monterey County.    On Friday, December 5th, NMC underwent a scheduled one-day Trauma Site Survey.  The independent survey team of trauma experts from Los Angeles reviewed the current... Read more →

Pet Dog Looking A Bit Worse For Wear - Hangover After His Christmas Dinner

Keep the holidays happy and safe for your pets

Monterey County Animal Services offers tips to keep your pets safe during the holiday festivities The holidays are in full swing.   Holidays bring special cards, gifts decorated with ribbons, tinsel or yarn, and special decorations like Christmas trees. Unfortunately, animals appreciate these items, as well — and many of them... Read more →

VS nov14 HIV 1in10 med care

Only 3 in 10 people with HIV have virus in check

Viral suppression is key for people living with HIV. Viral suppression means having very low levels of HIV in the body, even though the virus is still there. Achieving viral suppression by taking HIV medicines allows people living with HIV to have nearly normal lifespans and greatly reduces their chances... Read more →