• Staffordshire terrier and catHome for the Holidays

    Bring a furever friend home for the holidays.

    Monterey County Animal Services is holding a Home for the Holidays pet adoption special which will run through December 31. The goal of the holiday adoption promotion is to increase adoptions and to ultimately find new homes for homeless animals.

    Learn more about Home for the Holidays


  • group of people with snowman CDCHealthy Holidays!

    Brighten the holidays by making your health and safety a priority. Take steps to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy—and ready to enjoy the holidays.

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  • FEMA_Holiday_v3.6Resolve to be Ready  

    We are all aware that we should plan for what our family will do in the case of an emergency This task seems overwhelming but you and your family can do it in small steps and it can be a shared project.

    Emergencies can range from inconvenient to devastating, but by making this resolution and following these simple steps in advance, you will minimize the impact on you, your family and your businesses and give yourself greater peace of mind.

    For age-appropriate tools and resources to introduce conversations about disaster preparedness to children on or the Spanish language website  

  • flooding picture houses EPADid Your Property Flood?

    Did your property flood during the most recent storms?

    Find resources for recovery after flooding through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Additional assistance is available through the Environmental Health Bureau.  Please contact 831-755-4505 for assistance.

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Resolve to be Ready

Make preparedness a year-round family activity Roughly half of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions. In 2015, the Monterey County Health Department,  and FEMA  are encouraging  all to Resolve to be Ready for potential emergencies by committing to make preparedness a year-round family activity. To help make this preparedness resolution... Read more →


Tips to stay warm safely

The first freezing temperatures of the winter leaves residents vulnerable to cold.  The Monterey County Health Department would like to remind everyone to keep warm safely.   To protect yourself and your family in cold weather, remember to wear several layers of clothing, add extra blankets to beds and be alert... Read more →

Beach Rain Advisory – All Monterey County Beaches

 3:12pm 12/11/2014 All Monterey County Beaches have been posted with a rain advisory.  The public is advised not to have ocean water contact for three (3) days after the last rain event. It is recommended that you do not swim in or have contact with storm drain water.  Bacteria, viruses,... Read more →